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Members' questions

I currently have a policy with Heath Lambert, what do I do?

If you have an existing policy with Heath Lambert, they will continue to administer your policy up until renewal when you can decide where to place your future business. You can contact Heath Lambert on: 0845 010 1120.

Who are Lloyd & Whyte? 

Lloyd & Whyte are the provider of general insurance services to BMA members.

Why did you choose Lloyd & Whyte?

Lloyd & Whyte have over 15 years experience of delivering specialist personal and commercial insurance solutions for members of professional associations. As an indication of their credentials, they currently work with the British Dental Association, British Veterinary Association and British Chiropractic Association, amongst others.

Is fully independent financial advice available through the BMA's partners?


Who are the current providers of financial services to the BMA?

So far, we have engaged Chase de Vere to provide independent financial advice and financial product comparison services, Lloyd & Whyte, one of the UK's leading independent insurance brokers to provide a wide range of insurance products tailored to doctors' needs and London & Country, the UK's leading fee-free mortgage broker, whose dedication to providing a first-class service has helped them win more awards than any other mortgage broker.

Why were they selected and how rigorous was the selection process?

We scoured the entire financial services market to identify high quality and financially secure companies and we have selected those which we consider are best able to provide the range of products and services that members value and expect. All companies invited to tender were rigorously vetted and scrutinised to ensure that the BMA's strict quality standards were met.

What other financial products and services are the BMA likely to provide in the future? 

We are always looking to provide new and enhanced benefits and services to members, so keep an eye out for news about developments on this website, the BMA website and in insight published regularly in BMA News.

Is this range of products and services only available to BMA members?

Yes. Non-members have access to this website to see what membership benefits are available but you need a BMA membership number in order to take advantage of them.

Why did the relationship between the BMA and the previous provider, Wesleyan/Medical Sickness, come to an end? 

The BMA felt that in order to offer the choice of products and services to its members it should partner with a range of specialist providers rather than a sole provider.

When did the change from Wesleyan/Medical Sickness to the new providers take place?

Independent financial advice and general insurance products from the new providers became available to BMA members on 12 September 2005.

Will my policies with Wesleyan/Medical Sickness be affected by the change of providers?

No, but as a consequence of the new arrangements the BMA is no longer associated in any way with Wesleyan or Medical Sickness.

Should I consider moving my policies taken out prior to 12 September 2005 to the current partners of the BMA?

Policies taken out through the BMA's previous partners prior to 12 September 2005 are not affected by the change of providers. If you consider it an appropriate time to review your current policies we hope you will use the new BMA partnerships.

Why is my Medical Sickness credit card no longer BMA branded?

Since the BMA parted company with Wesleyan/Medical Sickness their credit card is no longer endorsed by the BMA, and as such does not carry the BMA brand.

Whom should I contact if I have a query or complaint about an existing policy provided by Wesleyan/Medical Sickness prior to 12 September 2005?

Contact Wesleyan in writing at:

Complaints Department
Wesleyan Assurance Society
Colmore Circus
B4 6AR

Or by telephone using the contact number shown on your documentation or on 0800 092 1990.

Whom should I contact if I have any complaints about the advice received from any of the BMA partnerships?

In the first instance, please contact:

Independent financial advice
The Complaints Supervisor
Chase de Vere Independent Financial Advisers Limited
6th Floor
8 Exchange Quay
Salford Quays
M5 3EJ

Tel: 0161 848 3498

Lloyd & Whyte
Affinity House
Bindon Road

Tel: 01823 250580

Mortgage services
Compliance Director
London & Country Mortgages Ltd.
Beazer House Lower Bristol Road,
BA2 3BA 

Personal Money Transfer Service
100 Brompton Road,

Tel: +44 (0)20 7589 3000

Explorer Prepaid Card
moneycorp Explorer Card
PO Box 3232
G67 1YU

Tel: +44 (0)20 8166 997

Travel Money
2 Sloane Street,

Tel: +44 (0)3300 101050

The British Medical Association is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Chase de Vere Independent Financial Advisers Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. London & Country Mortgages provide the BMA with mortgage services. BMA Insurance Solutions is a trading name of Lloyd & Whyte Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The British Medical Association is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Lloyd & Whyte Ltd who are licensed by the BMA to trade as BMA Insurance Solutions.British Medical Association is proudly associated with Moneycorp with foreign exchange and international payment services.