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Locum Insurance

- Financial support in the event of absence
- Benefit based, you get the amount specified
- No need to prove expenses
- Not medically underwritten
- Preferential BMA rates

Have you considered how your practice would cope without you, or another member of staff? Whether longer opening hours are required, a locum is employed or appointments are postponed, absent staff put financial strain on the practice.

Should you or a member of your team be unable to work due to illness or injury, the insurance will pay a weekly benefit direct to the practice. Traditional Locum Insurance policies offer reimbursement for certain costs associated with absent staff. However, with proof of expenses required, sometimes you may not receive all you expect.

You select a weekly benefit when arranging the policy and that's exactly what you receive when you make a claim. You don't have to prove your expenses, and you can use the money however you see fit.

Cover includes:

Claims for absence relating to:

- Temporary disablement due to illness or injury, including:
   back related conditions, stress, anxiety or depression
- Jury service (up to 4 weeks benefit, no deferment period)
- Pregnancy, maternity, paternity or adoption leave (2 weeks benefit,
  no deferment period)
- Suspension by regulatory body

Early Intervention Scheme (EIS)

- Supports returning to work
- Covers the cost of physiotherapy and mental health from day one of absence

Easy to set up, just let us know:

- Who you want to cover
- The weekly benefit
- The deferment period
- Length of benefit payment

Spend the benefit how you like: 

- Hire locum staff
- Pay overtime or extend opening hours
- Cover sick pay
- Offset contract shortfalls
- Balance other practice overheads.

Significant exclusions 

- Conditions which have lead the insured person to be unable to work for
  over 5 consecutive days in the past 2 years, prior to initial inception of
  the policy.
- Intentionally inflicting self injury, suicide or attempted suicide
- Full time members of the armed forces or reserves called out for
  permanent service
- Absence relating to intoxication by alcohol or drugs, other than
  those prescribed by a doctor
- EIS claims must be made within 30 days of the incident, but not within
   7 days of the initial policy inception. 

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