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New provider Q&As

I currently have a policy with Heath Lambert, what do I do?

If you have an existing policy with Heath Lambert, they will continue to administer your policy up until renewal when you can decide where to place your future business. You can contact Heath Lambert on: 0845 010 1120.

Who are Lloyd & Whyte? 

As of the 20th July 2014 Lloyd & Whyte are the newly appointed provider of general insurance services to BMA members. To receive a quotation for either your personal or commercial insurance needs please contact them on 01823 250580.

Why did you choose Lloyd & Whyte?

Lloyd & Whyte have over 15 years experience of delivering specialist personal and commercial insurance solutions for members of professional associations. As an indication of their credentials, they currently work with the British Dental Association, British Veterinary Association and British Chiropractic Association, amongst others.