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Protecting your income

Doctors, more than most, are particularly sensitive to the rigours of life. No one is immune from them, and they often happen unexpectedly.

An accident, illness or death can be devastating both emotionally and financially.

Having the appropriate protection foundations in place will at least take care of the financial burden, so you and your dependents can focus on the things that really matter.

The main types of protection are:

Income protection

Pays out a regular monthly tax free sum if you are unable to work because of illness or injury. As we have a detailed knowledge of the medical profession we are able to ensure that any cover recommended is tailored to your specific needs, and importantly protects your specific medical specialty.

Life insurance

Pays out a sum on death, normally free from tax. The level of cover you need is carefully considered and takes into account an assessment of the benefits you are provided by your employer.

Critical illness

Pays out a tax free sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer or you have an accident which renders you permanently unable to work. This protection provides you with choices, you may wish to repay your mortgage, supplement your pension income if you retire on the grounds of ill health, or perhaps provide you with the ability to work part time, or take a career break to allow you to recuperate. Importantly you are in control of this decision.

Locum insurance

Covers the cost of employing a locum if a doctor is absent from work.

Buying your protection 'off the shelf' can be comparatively easy these days, however, it certainly does not guarantee you will find a solution that genuinely fits your individual situation and more importantly it may not provide the most appropriate level, or type of cover.

Personal, comprehensive insurance plans from Chase de Vere

If you would like individual advice and personal recommendations then our specialist independent financial advisers would be delighted to assist.

Our advisers have an intimate understanding of your occupational entitlements should you fall ill, are injured or worse, as well as a wider knowledge of the protection market. This means we are exceptionally well placed to build you a robust  plan.

Your Chase de Vere independent financial adviser will help you:

  • Assess your financial position and recommend the most appropriate types and levels of insurance cover
  • Research the whole of the market to source you the best quality and most competitive cover
  • Keep your protection plans on track, adapting it as your personal circumstances change and ensuring your cover stays competitive and fit for purpose
  • Taking a holistic view aligning your protection plans to other aspects of your overall finances, such as your retirement and inheritance planning.

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"Your team understood our circumstances from the start and provided all the help and guidance that we needed. You provide a valuable and stress free service especially to doctors. I will thoroughly recommend your services to any of my colleagues looking to take out a mortgage."

Dr Kumar